So long! :)

The time has come!
Time to move on....
when it comes to my blog, i tend to have BADD (blog ADD).
therefore, i have moved my blog! :)
i am SUPER excited about this change--i feel like the new one is a tad more professional looking & in the long run will be all around better :) It's a little bittersweet to leave behind all of my pretty archives and posts-there have been SO many! I just want to thank you for reading this blog, & please make note that it is no longer at this url....instead, it is HERE:


(we are going to get rid of the wordpress in the next day or so!)


Simi Valley Wedding {Lindsay + Tony}

Absolutely everything about this day was simply perfect. From the amazing dress, to the breathtaking location, to the drop dead gorgeous couple--this wedding was delish. I had the amazing honor to second shoot this wedding with the fabulous Sharon Clark of Smitten Photography {that is a post in itself :) } alongside my friend Lauren. Shooting this wedding justified everything that i love about photography-it just lit a new fire inside of me! Its such an honor to be a part of documenting true love between two people.  Lindsay was the most stunning bride, and had such a relaxed demeanor throughout the entire day. She & Tony are so obviously in love with eachother, & it was such a joy to view their love through my camera. Sit back & prepare yourself for the deliciousness of this day....