Operation Freedom

There are currently 27 MILLION people in slavery. 

i thought slavery was over after the civil war.

There is MORE slavery today than there was back then.
Millions of people-mainly women and children-are victims of human trafficking. Pimps prey on vulnerable girls that are trying to support their family. They target them, & promise them "jobs" such as working as a model, at a hair salon, or in a store. They pay for their boat/train ticket and bring them to a new city for them to work. Once the girls arrive, they are brought to a brothel. They are not allowed to escape, because they are in debt for their travel fare. These girls are around the ages of 13 or 14. That's the age of my little sister. They are kept in small rooms, and forced to see a "customer" the minimum of 5 times a day. 
Did you see the movie Taken? Then you got a glimpse of these atrocities.....but it isnt just a movie. This is happening right now. As you sit here, another child is being lured to a brothel. As you sit here, another girl's innocence is being taken from her. As you sit here, a woman is living our worst nightmare. Our biggest fear when we are walking through dark streets at night, is what these girls face every day. 
Their freedom is only $500, but they are never able to reach that. In countries such as Indonesia, sex is a very common & comfortable thing. Men do not find anything wrong with sleeping with these young girls, and the government is doing nothing about the situation. 
There are plenty of things we can do. We can give some of our extra change. We can forget about it, or assume that somebody else will help out. We can sympathize. We can pray all we want for them. But the fact is, none of that is going to work. Yes, prayer changes things, but it isnt going to work if we aren't willing to be that change! We can't pray for their freedom, and then move on with our lives. We have to do something. This is what we were made for.

My youth group, Paradigm Shift, and the Jr High youth group, Velocity, has started on a fundraiser called Operation Freedom. We are doing everything we can to raise money to free 50 girls stuck in sex trafficking. So far, 3 girls have been freed! :) Lauren & I have decided to work together to raise money. We have started a small photography business called Operation Freedom Photography. The cost will be $100. If we just get one customer, then great! Then we are $100 closer to our goal. This endeavor may or may not work, but its what we can do. I don't have any cool flowers or tshirts i can sell. I'm deathly afraid of lawn mowers. I don't have amazing ideas for how to raise huge amounts of money. All i know is that girls my age, Women that i could be friends with, are being forced into sex slavery as we speak. That in itself is motivation to do everything we can to stop it. 

* for more information on Operation Freedom, or Op Free Photography, leave a comment :) We are trying to let as many families as possible know about this, so spread the word!  thanks! :)


Michelle said...

you just keep getting more and more talented! really like the flyer you made!

it's so encouraging to see how people like you are using their skills and God-given gifts to bless people all over the world. both here in the valley and all the way over to asia. keep shining His light, kk! lives are being touched and transformed and FREED!

sharon from smitten said...

this is absolutely incredibly amazing.

Jennie and Miguel said...

Hi Kenzie,
I don't know how to get a hold of you any other way. I'm Cody's sister, Jennie, and i would love to buy a session from you in support of Operation Freedom...please email me at jenniferleemorel@gmail.com

great stuff you're doing and so gifted...keep up the good work!