Tivoli & Emma!

Happy Tuesday! i can't think of TEN things that i am loving/hating right now, so instead I went ahead & thought of two :) hey! it starts with a T!

ok. number one: What Does it Sound Like, by Ian Mcintosh.
I am OBSESSED with this song! ah. so good. it repeats basically the same 4 sentences over & over...but it is so beautiful.

number two: Tara Whitney's Home Videos.
Check them out! So good. I wish I could make videos like this...maybe one day! I love the absolute simplicity of them...nothing posed, all real!


Soooo, I have been thinking recently that i havent posted enough pictures on here....so here are some new ones! :) Emma & Tivoli are AMAZING dancers that have gone to the same studio as me since i was a little girl. Both are SO extremely talented! Ridiculous. So last week we decided to go on a longggg drive to a local waterfall & shoot some "Ballerina Project" inpired pictures! Ballerina Project is a group on Facebook that is a collection of absolutely breathtaking pictures by professional photographers of professional prima ballerinas. They are super simple pictures of these amazing dancers in gentle poses throughout the streets of New York City. We were so inspired, that we wanted to try some of our own! There are sure to be many more of these shoots to come...

Below is the fabulous Tivoli! She is very well known around here for her various ballet accomplishments across the country. I have had the privelege of going to school with Tivoli, church as a girl, witnessed her being baptized last year, & being in a ton of dance classes with her! She is such a wonderful girl with a beautiful heart!

Emma & Tivoli are best friends! They are seriously NEVER apart!

This is the GORGEOUS Emma! Emma & I grew super close over the past two years, & i LOVE this girl! She is sooo funny-we have so many inside jokes! She is one of those people with a huge laugh & laughs at EVERYTHING! She is a sweetheart, & nice to everyone. i love being around her!

So as we were taking pictures, the location was SUPER busy! We had to constantly wait out all of the people walking by. When we were taking the picture below, there was this kinda creepy man walking by. Like everyone else, we just waited until he was out of view to continue. But this guy wouldnt leave! He half hid behind this tree & watched....um hello! We can see you!! SOOO creepy. Thankfully some more people walked by, & then he left. AH!

Sooo....taking pictures by rushing water is difficult. Figuring out how to not blow out my highlights was certainly a struggle!! Rough life. I am definitely going to be working on this! oh well....

Have a great day!!! PS: In regard to Operation Freedom Photography, become a fan of us on Facebook, & be sure to tell your friends! We just ordered the flier cards today :))

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