Sprague Family

I think this is why i love photography....

For quite a while now, the Sprague family & I have been trying to work out our schedules to put together this shoot. Nicole & Ben are such a huge part of my life! They are the leaders of my youth group, and are a large source of inspiration for me. They have put their entire lives into their ministry, & have sacrificed so much in order to reach the kids of our valley. They have their own amazing family, with three kids that we have all gotten to know very well! They have supported my photography from the beginning, & have been brave enough to allow me to take their family portraits, and their newest baby's pictures after she was born....I feel like I have grown soo much since those sessions! Overrall, words cannot express the appreciation I have for the Sprague family. It began to rain as soon as the session started, but luckily, it held off for the majority of the time :) Those Spragues make some cuuuute kids!

Nicole is a major part of the behind the scenes portion of our youth group. She has had to stay home from many trips & events because she was home with the kids. She is an amazingly beautiful, hilarious, and unbelievably strong woman! I am sooo glad that I have had the opportunity to get to know her! :)

Thank you guys so much for trusting me to take your pictures, and having such generous & beautiful hearts! 
I hope you all have a FANTASTIC rest of the week! Don't forget to spread the word about Operation Freedom Photography! :)


Katherine Anne Photography said...

I am absolutely in LOVE.

Michelle said...

wow, kk! these are AMAZING! you just keep growing more and more in your photography skills! the sprague kids are quite the adorable ones!