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I am going to be out of the country for the next week, so, farewell!! I am leaving for a mission trip with a small team of about 15 people to Ensenada, Mexico! I am OH SO beYOND excited!! I have simply been sitting around my house all day with no motivation to do any schoolwork whatsoever....i havent even packed! i ahve just been thinking! 
48 hours from now i will be all snuggly in my cowboy sleeping bag in MEXICO! i keep making lists & lists of things & dreaming up fabulous pictures & all of the sweat we will drop for the Kingdom's glory! 48 HOURS!!!!oh dear. did i mention i was excited? 
I have been looking forward to this trip since freshman year, when i wasnt able to go on it! i ask for prayer & good thoughts sent my way, for both me & the rest of the team. i KNOW God is going to be doing some absolute craziness there this week & i am so incredibly thankful that i get to be a part of it :)) 
We have a tad bit of reservations about driving down since there are certain parts of mexico that arent especially safe....but i know that everything will work out & God's plan will be fulfilled! pray pray pray! pray for the hearts of the children we will be playing with. pray for the church that we are teaming up with. Pray that the Kingdom of Heaven will make its way into Ensenada. Pray that the english/spanish language barrier will have ZERO EFFECT on how we reach the people of Ensenada! Pray that our team will be humbled & selfless throughout the entire trip, & that we will truly LOVE LOVE LOVE. Pray that our hearts will be broken! Your prayers are SO incredibly appreciated. 
I will be blogging with hopefully tons of amazing stories & pictures when i return next week! Have a DELIGHTFUL Spring Break! 

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Michelle said...

praying for you guys! can't wait to hear all about it. -- m