Faces of Ensenada

can i go back right now? please??


Michelle said...

wow, kenzie, SO glad you were able to go on this trip and capture all these faces & be a Light of Joy and Love and Grace to these precious kiddos. now we have people we can pray for through these incredible pics!

it's been fun hearing bits & pieces of how God is transforming you through what you experienced there, and how that changes how you live here. keep sharing!

p.s. LOVE my beautiful bouquet of bday flowers! thx so much, friend!

likemorningsun said...

thanks for the comment on my blog haha i didn't think it was creepy at all :)
your pictures are really good too! your trip looks amazing, where were you? that place looks so familiar!

kenzie_kate said...

michelle: thanks! i looooved talking to you the other day! the party was so fun :) i love you!!

thanks! we were in downtown Ensenada, Mexico :)