I'm Quite Peculiar....

Soooo while we were in Mexico, my friend Chris informed me that i was one of the strangest people on the trip! What in the world! I get it from my friend Taylor...its not my fault! However, after some evaluation i came to the conclusion that i am pretty strange! So today, since i can't come up with 10 loves & hates, we will have 10 facts about ME that make me so strange! :) Self absorbed? ok, maybe a tad...but hey, its my blog ;)

Numero 1: I'm one of those people who cannot STAND when people talk to me while i am watching a    movie.  I'm not sure why this is, but it drives me IN. SANE. Nothing personal-but if you have some commentary, keep it to yourself, because i will most likely snap 'atcha!

DOS: When i was little, i HATED bananas. and string cheese. and jello. All of a sudden, i love them. I would marry a banana tree if i could.

3. When I'm watching TV or listening to music, the volume level HAS to be on a number divisible by 5. Otherwise, I can't focus.

4. When I was in 3rd grade, I told everybody my name was really Mackenna. In 4th & 5th grade, everybody called me Rachel. I'm still not so sure why.....

Cinco: I never, ever knew how to burp. And REALLY wanted to! Well, within the last month I burp all of the time. Lady like burps of course ;) i can't even help it! careful what you wish for folks.....

6: I can't tan. It's impossible.

7. I ran track freshman year. voluntarily.

8. I have this suuuuper annoying Mexican accent, and i have no control over it.

Numero Nueve: I sing to EVERYTHING. very often i just make up songs & sing them. Ok, all the time. Whenever I am singing in the car, whoever is with me turns up the radio SUPER loud. Every. Time.

DIEZ! : I am in love with waaaay too many photographers. I stalk some photography blogs like no other, & i feel like i really know them. Not just know them, more like we are best friends. If i ever actually met some of these fabulous people , it would be very difficult to refrain from asking about their kids or pets by name. (ahem: Sharon Clark)

yes, these are all from photobooth. yes, i am one of those people who photobooths ALL of the time ;)
whew! i'm done talking about myself...what do YOU do thats a little strange?


Lauren said...

bahaha. i felt like i had to comment because too many of these describe me tooooo! ah.. photography blogs.. SO creepy about how we talk about them like our best friends! haha i like this post! :) and the photobooth! Im still trying to perfect my gangster face or whatever its called, but i think im pretty good. Taylor got a good laugh out of it last night atleast :)
btw. to post this comment i had to spell grefloch. i thought that was pretty funnyyyy!

kenzie_kate said...

hehe :) GREFLOCH! soooo good! :)) haha! DUDE....seriously. can a conversation go by where we ARENT talking about them?? i dont think so! hahaha your gangster face......the party was so fun!! seriously, that is allllll tay & i do when we are together. dance crazily slash creepily ;)

PS: you didnt say what things you do that make you strange!! :))