Tuesday's Tens!!

For some strange reason, Tuesdays are my good days. I have no idea why, because i tend to hate the beginning of the week. But bang, Tuesdays come around & suddenly everything is funny & happy! you know that mood that you get in when its super late, and everything is hilarious? Yeah. thats me. on Tuesdays! Just today i went into my spanish class & asked my friend nick "you know what day it is??" and he said "oh no! tuesday! that means your crazy mood!" there you go. So in honor of my happy Tuesday moods, here is my Tuesday Ten! The list includes 5 things i am currently loving, & 5 things i am currently not! 
soooo here we go! :)

Tuesday Lovin':

1. Peace Tea: I already gave a shout out to them the other day, but i have to give them their props!! this stuff is amazing...i am a huuge tea drinker & a longtime friend of Arizona....but Peace tea is so good!

 2. Say Yes to the Dress! this show is amazing. Its the only thing i ever watch while working out or editing photos. i am soooo going to on this when i get engaged!

3. Edename: i could live on this. 

4. Excercise Balls: dont they just look fun? well, they are. 

5. Ensenada, Mexico: ok, ok so i haven't actually been here...yet! i will be in 4 days :) and it is going to be amazing! so it gets its own shout out this week!

Tuesday hatin':

1. Tuesdays: despite my unusally happy Tuesday moods, Tuesdays are not fun. Sometimes they make me want to bite my computer, like this cool lady :) Cause' you know thats what we all do when tuesdays roll around!

2. Mice. This is what i woke up to this morning. in my hallway. Sorry little Gus, but that isn't where you belong. gross.

3.  Salted Almonds: i hate them! whatever happend to plain, raw almonds? i dont like all of this seasoning & whatnot taking over my taste buds! plus, the extra 56298724 calories aren't appreciated. thanks though.

4. Spider Bites: I got a super gnarly one on my arm this weekend, and it has caused this huge red knot the size of a baby's fist to form on my arm! Suuuuper cute.

5. Google Images: Just because i saw some super frightening & disturbing images when i googled "spider bite" looking for a picture. gross. 

Happy Tuesday! :)

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Lauren said...

oh oh! im liking this kenzie :) two days of blogging in a row?! nicee!!