This is probably my favorite photoshoot of all time.
Not only because the outcome was beautiful photos, but because it was a day spent with two of my favorite girls. 

Taylor is one of those people that you just want to be around. She can make anything fun, and she is such a wonderful example of how to live for Jesus. She is hilarious, gorgeous, fun, sooo nice, and has the best mexican accent ever ;) 

Sam is just one of those girls that everybody loves. Seriously, I cant think of anyone that doesnt like her! She has the best laugh ever, is super crazy & loud, beautiful, and genuinely loves everyone she encounters.

Time spent with these girls is always memorable-whether it is boogie boarding down the local river, sneaking out of our cabin at Hume, singing loud in the bathrooms at paradigm, having intense truth times, or going along with me when i tell them to lay in the freeeeezing cold water & have their picture taken ;)

The gorgeous Sam. She swears that she isn't photogenic. oh puh-lease.

The beautiful Taylor

When we first got down to the river, it was sprinkling. We all prayed for it to stop raining & it did! It stayed completely clear until we got to the part of the photoshoot where we wanted it to be wet & rainy! WOO! way to go J-man! :)

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Shaun Juncal said...

I know you're probably not allowed to talk to me, but I just wanted to say that I love this photo-shoot, especially once Sam and Taylor start just lying in the river! You are such a talented woman of God, and I can't wait to see what He has in store for your life. So keep taking photos, and if you ever want some words to go with them, let me know ;)

PS. I wish I could see your face when you see you have a comment. Precious...