Dear Diary

i feel like i should be saying something like, Dear Diary, i'm sorry i haven't written in so long, but....

haha! I never was good at keeping up with diaries (diarys?) when i was younger! I could say how insanely busy i have been, list all of the school projects, or finals, or all of the hours i was working out at the gym, or at dance rehearsal. But lets be honest. I could have fit some blogging in! 

The other day, my lovely friend Lauren {click on her name to check out her awesome blog!) reminded me that i need to do some blogging, because i was getting a tad boring! :) and she was right! sooo here i am again, i promise to try my hardest to blog everyday this week before i leave for mexico {more on that later!} 

Recently, i have had some serious cravings for photoshoots, & now that i can drive AND have a car, i have a ton of more freedom to spontaneously go on photoshoots whenever i would like! So on Saturday, my fabulous friend Kathleen and i planned this quickie photoshoot! :) Kathleen, Heather, Katherine, Melissa, Hailey & i met at our local sandwich shop {Panino's...mmm so good!} and then headed over to this nifty secret location. We drank Peace Tea {even better than Arizona....i know, i know. but trust me! so good!} ran from squrrels & spiders, explored, and got itchy legs from all of the tall grass! i will only post a few now, but here is a taste from photoshoot number ONE on saturday :) 
{thats right, there was more than one!}

{this whole springy, picnic-y, yummy feel was so fitting!}


So after this oh-so-fabulous day of shooting, i was driving home listening to some Pepper & eating up the yummy late afternoon sunlight, when i get a text from Lauren. Hey! sooo are you in the mood for a photoshoot? today? if not thats ok! i understand! First of all, HOW CUTE is she! second of all, i was soooo excited! two photoshoots in one day? i. am. there. 

So i hurried home, uploaded my pictures from my first shoot, & then headed off to meet Lauren & some other of my faaavorite junior high ladies to take some pictures! Now, let me just say something about daylight savings. Ok, so the whole losing an hour of sleep was not fun. Especially for me! I am one girl who loooooves her sleep! But the best thing about it? the yummy lighting. the late sunsets. the yummy lighting. the warm days. the yummy lighting. SOOO the lighting was AMAZING! so fabulous! which means the combination of such lighting, these amazing girls, & an altogether beautiful and fun day, created some of the prettiest pictures ever! I will just show a few for now, too much prettiness at once can get hard to handle ;)
 have a {fabulous} & {blessed} & {joyful} monday! 

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teamfish said...

1. excited about upcoming promised posts
2. glad you finally got your license :) now you're like a real grown up
3. paninos = uh-mazing
4. jr high ladies = blessings of beauty! in so many different ways!
5. kkp = talent

praying for you and the group as you head to the border next week! proud of you for serving any chance you get! -- michelle