Distraction cast aside, we seek Your face
We offer up our lives to bring you praise
A love the walls cannot contain
You are holy Lord
{hillsong united}
THIS is what is on my mind today. For me, it is very easy to get completely wrapped up in to-do lists (oh boy, how i love them!), schoolwork and craziness. 
My mind is constantly filling with ideas on who i should hang out with, what i should do, when i should do it. What non christians should i invite over to hang out with? Do you think if i hang out with them one on one, we will get the chance to talk about serious stuff?
I get sooo worked up about the hows & the lagistics of things, or how i should act in order to make my friends think that it isnt that strange to be a christian, that i forget the soul of it. Somehow, that foundation, that drive is lost.
I dont think that constant worry about what i should do, how i should act, who i should talk to, is what God wants from me. No, i think that all God wants is for me to soley rely on Him. Completely, unquestionably, & with faith like a child. What He wants is for me to cast aside all of my distractions, and seek His face. And he will take care of the rest. 
God tells us that as long as we seek first His kingdom, we don't need to worry about anything. At all. He will take care of everything.
With a promise like that, everything else seems so miniscule! so irrelevant, so tiny compared to his Glory & greater plans. His love that walls cannot contain. Why do i forget that then? Why do i sometimes worry more about what others think about God, than what God thinks about me? Thats what i'm meditating, working on, & pursuing in my life this week. The Bible says that faith without deeds is nothing. But what about deeds with little faith?
ps, i dont know why there is such a large gap at the top!  whoopsies :) have a great day!

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