I love Summer

I love how the sun looks in the summer! sooooo excited that i have more yumminess like this to look forward to :) I was driving home & saw this FABULOUS light, so i was going to call gracie ( but i didnt because i'm a responsible driver! ) but instead i got home fast, ran into the house, and told her to change into her white dress. We did this shoot in about 5 minutes, & i love the way the sun is hitting her! ahh so pretty. Next time we will maybe brush her hair & find a field or something ;)
^ we kinda think she looks like an avatar in that one....haha
maaaan my sister is beautiful! if only i had her face...watch out boys, she's only thirteen ;)

happy sunday!


Michelle said...

BEAU-TY! you glow, gracie!

way to capture the lighting, kk! so proud of you for you consistent blogging :)

Jennie and Miguel said...

Kenzie....you're amazing! I want you to do a photo shoot of our family...please! I'm Cody's sister...lets get in touch!

heatherina said...

Kenz please pass on to gracie that she is the most beautiful sister in the world!! and your photography skills are fantastic. and also, we haven't had a photoshoot forever and we need to hang out please :)