Best Week of the Year.

We quietly ran down the stairs, being careful to not be too loud. Music boomed through our chests, and the lights caused us to squint our eyes.
We walked in place anxiously. We rubbed our arms in attempt to wipe away the goosebumps, and attempted to fix our buns. We all checked eachothers' teeth for traces of red lipstick. As the dancers onstage got to the climax of their dance, us with our view in the wings knew what to anticipate. 
"Guys! dont forget...we have to have our breathing circle!"
The six of us quitely got into a tight circle. Our shoulders squished together, our heads bowed, and our hands found their way into eachothers. Together, we took a long, deep breath. Together, we let all of the air out of our longs. The music and lights quited...we focused our attention soley on breathing. We squeezed eachothers' hands, exhaled our last breath together. A couple of us said a small prayer, we all hugged, and then we silently lined up, as our music slowly began.

I could go off for hours on my so called "Favorite Week of the Year". There isnt enough time or words to clearly express the comraderie and love all of us LODG sisters have for one another. For many of us, this was our 13th dance show with LODG. All of us have grown up with eachother, and we understand eachother in ways that other people dont. All of our friends outside of the dancer circle know the names of all of our dance teachers because we talk about them constantly. We are continuously reminded that not everyone in the world does dance, therefore they like to talk about different things. Go figure! 
This past week was completely centered around our annual show. 4 sold out shows, countless dances, costumes...thousands of bobbypins, hundreds of dancing feet. Unending amounts of memories. 
For us, dancing isn't just a hobby. It is something we every day of the week. It's where our oldest friends are from. Our shows are the most anticipated event of the year. It makes us all cry to think that a year from now, we will be up on the stage getting our roses as seniors. We realized last night how we take dance for granted. As some of our closest friends danced their final dance on the stage as seniors, we realized that our time at LODG doesnt last forever. We have one year left, and we tend to make the most of it. 
As I stood in the breathing circle before the last dance of our last night, I reflected. I opened my eyes and looked around the circle. With our hands squeezing one another, my mind was flooded with memories that I have had with these girls. The bond that we have as LODG sisters is unbreakable. God has blessed me with such an amazing dance community, with fabulous girls (and boys) that I have been so lucky to share passions with. To all my dance girlies: I love you SO much & am so proud of all we have done this year. Thanks so much for an awesome show :)

Here are some of the girls at school, wearing our LODG pride :)

I hope you have a wonderful week! Sorry that I have been MIA from this blog......as you might have noticed, I have had a week full of dance :) Now that school is kind of slowing down, I should have many more posts headed your way! Summer is soooo close, i can taste it! :)

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