{Withrow Family}

I love these pictures so much!
I go to the same church as this family, & I go to the same school/youth group as their son. I looooove this family! They are so hilarious, & so fun to be with! I am so glad that I have gotten to know them, & that they trusted Lauren & I with their family pictures!

She was such a sweetheart! She looked perfect in every. single. picture. How is that possible?? Such a gorgeous girl!

ooooh my gosh! this little girl right here is HILARIOUS! She would say the funniest things, & kept us laughing throughout the entire session.

it wasn't tooo easy to get a picture of allllll of them with normal looking faces:)
Withrows: thanks so much for trusting us with your family pictures! you have an exceptional family & i am so glad to know you! :) i hope you love these! There are TONS more!!

Also--a shoutout to my girl LAUREN {click HERE to see her awesome blog} who rocked it out at the shoot yesterday! here she is in the background...

Happy Tuesday!

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