Its been a week since my last post! oh my gooodness I'm sorry! I am now going to list off a schpeel of reasons why I havent posted anything recently:

1. I havent had any photoshoots! Dont worry, Dont worry...there are TONS coming up! (ps if you would like to schedule one, just email me!) The end of may/all of june is going to be SO slammed for me with operation freedom photography! :) SO exciting!

2. AP tests were all last week. If you know what AP is...then that is explanation in itself. If you dont know what AP is....they you are lucky.

3. Last Saturday was PROM! It was sooooo fun. Ok...more like soo fun. Lets be honest, prom is a TAD overrated!

4. My dance show is next week!!!!!!! Dude...im SO STOKED about this!! We have had tons of rehearsals the past week in preparation. All next week starting tuesday, is practically the best week of the YEAR! we have three nights of shows, and one matinee type show. These arent your typical ballet recitals either...these are inSANE! Our theme is So You Think You Can Dance...and its gonna be off the chain. Freal. can. not. wait.

5. I got a JOB! First day was today! :) Say hello to the new employee of Figuerola Laboratories! woop woop! :)

6. I was crazy busy writing Uganda letters! I thought this was going to be easy, but it wasnt! Its super difficult to put the reasons/importance of going on a missions trip of this calibur! And its always suuuuuper awkward to ask people for money in a polite way. super awkard. BUT! i guesss this pretty much means that Uganda is ALMOST set in stone. SO CRAZY! oh my gosh. end of july.......it hasnt hit me! now i have TWO things to fundraise for!  keeps me busy :)

here is all of the girls from our prom group! i have some gorgeous friends, eh? SUCH a fun group....we had 22 people in all :) Yay for Prom!

I am ditching school tomorrow to go to Magic Mountain with a bunch of friends in honor of Maddison Nicole's BIRTHDAY! yipee!!! :) 
Have a faaaabulous weekend!

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teamfish said...

make sure you send us a support letter! we'd love to be a part of your summer trip, especially since we can't go!