What time is it?? SUMMERTIME.
ok...aaaalmost! in four days. i just have to get through four days of finals, & then i am headed into summer bliss! :) I have a packed summer ahead of me & i am SO excited to get started!!
Today, my alarm didnt go off.....so i didnt wake up in time for church. Sleeping in, with the house to myself, i could tell it would be one of those days. My phone died, and i didnt bother finding the charger, so i just left it off. Today has been a day that reeks of summer. MMM. Therefore, in leui of my SUPER LONG absense from this blog ( over a week...ahh i'm awful), i want to bask in all of the glory of summer by listing of my favorite things about summer.

1. July 24- My birthday! Definitely one of the major reasons that i have always loved summer....i am one of those people that flaunt my July-baby-ness. :)
2.  Watermelon.  When i think of summer, i picture little children eating those HUGE slices of watermelon that cover their entire face. I want that!
3. Burt's Bees....they just smell like summer
4. Rainbow Sandals .....a must have. all year round, in fact
5. Bathing in the middle of the day, with the bathroom windows open. I love the sweet juxtaposition of a cool breeze, & a hot shower.
6. SYTYCD . Doesnt even NEED an explanation.
7. Car Washes
8. The fact that there is no school, no deadlines, no alarm clocks, and the fact that every night is a friday night.
9. Beaches. Bonfires. Smores.
10. Laying in the sun, and feeling the heat on your skin.
11. Wearing shorts, dresses, & no makeup
12.Driving with the windows rolled down, blasting Pepper or Rebelution
13. The anticipation before school is out & summer begins. The amount of promise & possibilites summer holds.
15. The overall happy feeling summer gives you.

In case you havent noticed, I'm a little excited for summer! :) 

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