I Had this Idea....

last year around christmas time. i suggested to my friend, melissa, that we should bake cookies for some of our friends. This obviously wouldnt get out of hand or be too difficult! it would actually save us time and money, because we wouldnt have to go out and shop/ponder/choose/buy TONS of presents for all of our dear friends!!! Baking a simple batch of my famous sugar cookies was surely a perfect alternative, right? 
So last year (i'm talking 08....i'm still in denial that it is 2010! craziness!) melissa, my friend kendra, and i planned on baking a batch of cookies for each of our friends/their families. WELL....that turned into THEEE HUGEST project we could have ever imagined! the entire time it was happening, we were just thinking to ourselves "why are we doing this? who came up with this idea??!". It's safe to say we did NOT want to see another cookie for the rest of our life. Our project ended up taking two days with a product of about 400 cookies! 

So when December rolled around this year {2009}, i guess we completely forgot the sleepless nights, sugary hands and sudden hatred for icing. Because we decided to do it AGAIN.  except for this year it was bigger....much bigger. After two days of baking, then frosting, then sprinkling, then BAGGING, then tying little ribbons on said bags, then handwriting christmas cards and attatching them to said bags, & then delivering said bags to over 90 families houses, we. were. exhausted. 
the total? over 950 freaking cookies. 
no big deal. 
So to say that i NEVER want to see a cookie again is an understatement! But it is also a safe bet that we will be doing the exact same thing this christmas :) It just isnt the real christmas season without that stress!!!!!! { just kidding-it actually is kinda fun :)  }
Here is a picture of our huge fat pile of unfrosted cookies.....about 1/4 of them! 

* that pile is as deep as it is wide!

...today i am heading out for a family shoot! i am so proud of myself for how good i am at blogging!! two days in a row? impressive. so glad i treated myself to that sugary donut at church today!
happy sunday :)

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